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Vitamins & Hormones Los Angeles

If you want to be beautiful on the outside you have to start on the inside which is why Cosmetique Aesthetics is proud to offer Vitamin shots, IV Vitamins, and Hormone replacement therapy. Whether you are looking to correct a vitamin or hormone deficiency, battling a cold, feeling dehydrated, hung-over, or are in need of an energy boost we have a solution to get you back on your feet.

Hormone testing and bio-identical hormone therapy

Cosmetique offers hormone testing and bio-identical hormone therapy as well as a variety of injectable and IV vitamin services to help you feel your best:

Vitamin B Injections

B Complex and B12 injections to enhance health and feel energized.

Vitamin D Injections

Injetable Vitamin D to support and enhance immunity and support a vaiety of the body’s functions.

IV Vitamin Services

Hydrate, refresh or help strenghten your body’s immunity with this 30 minute
IV drip containing fluids with multi vitamins, Vitamin C, B6 and Folic Acid.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone testing and replacement therapy.

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