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Vitamin D Injections Los Angeles

More and more research has become available in recent years about the importance and benefits of Vitamin D. In fact, some state it may be the best vitamins of all for your body. Multiple studies have shown that healthy levels of Vitamin D can help slow the aging process and help protect against age-related diseases, diabetes, glucose intolerance, hypertension and multiple sclerosis.

The symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are often hard to pinpoint in adults, however, those most at risk for Vitamin D deficiency include:
People whose sun exposure is limited or inhibited by sunscreen
People with milk allergies
People with darker skin tones
Strict vegetarians (most dietary sources are animal-based such as fish, fish oil, egg yolks and beef liver)
People with Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis or celiac disease
Women who are pregnant or breast feeding
People whose body fat percentage is higher than 25% (for men) or 31% (for women)

The Positive Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Having healthy levels of Vitamin D can aid in:
Cold and flu protection (immune system support)
Developing and keeping strong bones and muscles
Reducing the risk of cancer, multiple sclerosis
Anti-aging for the brain
Maintaining a healthy body weight
Anti-aging benefits for the brain
Reducing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis in women

Recommended Dietary Allowances for Vitamin D

1 – 70 years of age: 600 IU/day
71+ years of age: 800 IU/day
Pregnant/lactating: 600 IU/day

Vitamin D Articles: Further Reading

Why You Need More Vitamin D:
Why Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins you can put in your body
By Alisa Bowman

"Low vitamin D will result in your body working far below its potential. And you’re probably not getting anywhere near the right amount… According to a report in the Archives of Internal Medicine, experts believe that up to 77 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient…"
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Aging process may be slowed by vitamin D, say scientists
By Ian Sample, science correspondent
The Guardian, Nov 2007

"… a study of more than 2,000 women which found that those with the lowest vitamin D levels showed the greatest signs of biological aging."

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