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Have you always wanted fuller and more kissable lips? Have you wondered how to get the perfect pout without looking like you had you “work done”? Restylane SILK is the solution you have been searching for!

Restylane SILK is the first and only FDA – approved natural filler designed specifically for the treatment of lips and lip lines. SILK is unique in its refined formulation and is designed to create a natural look.

What is the Difference Between Restylane SILK & Other Facial Fillers?

Cosmetique Aesthetics offers other hyaluronic acid products such as Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm, but how does Restylane SILK differ from the others?

The biggest difference is the size of the particles in Restylane SILK. It has the smallest particle size, giving it the ability to create very natural-looking, fuller lips while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, such as lipstick lines or lines from smoking. The ultra smooth gel formulation of Restylane SILK allows for a more precise shape and definition, creating a more natural appearance.

Restylane Silk

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