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VASER Shape is a non-invasive contouring device that combines ultrasound and massage to break up fat. It reshapes the body with no pain and no downtime and generally requires 3-5 treatments, although some people see difference after just one session. Patients can reasonably plan to see 3-4 inch reduction over the course of 4-5 weeks of treatments. While Vaser Shape is not a replacement for liposuction is it a wonderful non-surgical alternative. It is safe and effective on both males and females.

What body area can be treated with VASER Shape?

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Love handles (hips)
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

The VASER Shape procedure advantages: Non-invasive

  • NO anesthesia!
  • NO pain!
  • NO incisions!
  • NO surgery!
  • NO recovery!

VASER Shape Treats:

  1. Cellulite improvement by skin tightening, smoothing & shaping your body
  2. Localized areas of excess fatty tissue
  3. Slimmer appearance
  4. Improved local blood circulation
  5. Reduces pain and swelling (especially that can occur after liposuction)


Why VASER Shape over other non-surgical body contouring devices?

  • Treats body tissues more deeply than other alternative devices
  • Has immediate results
  • Greater reduction in depth of the deep fat layer
  • Affects a larger volume of fatty tissue
  • Provides skin tightening
  • Reduction can be observed with one treatment
  • Can treat all body areas (except the face and neck)
  • May “custom” shape the body areas
  • Provides the most patient satisfaction and comfort of all devices studied

Create the body you have always wanted… WITHOUT surgery! Call today to schedule your FREE Vaser Shape consultation.

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